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KLOUDAC accounting firm Dubai provides complete accounting services globally. We have a team of experts for the accounting services, bookkeeping services, accounting software implementation, auditing, and business setup consultation.

I am currently serving over 300+ clients and helping them reduce their operating expenses. I deliver cost effective, compliant and efficient accounting and finance services to startups and SMEs.
By working with us you will save money, time and also improve your bottom line. We provide you with the best accounting services at an affordable cost.

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Accounting, Auditor, Bookkeeping, External Auditor, Financial Auditor, Forensic Auditor, Internal Auditor, Tax Auditor, Financial Advisor, Forensic Accountant, Tax Accountant

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Why you should work with us?

1) Save your hard-earned money: We help you reduce 20-40% in operational costs, create better cash flow, and better position your company for growth.

2) No recruitment cost: To properly manage finance workflows you’ll need qualified employees. They are expensive to hire. Plus they may not meet your expectations. Now you don't have to spend money on recruiting an in-house accountant. No visa costs, training, employee salaries.

3) No IT Cost: You don't need to buy expensive software for managing your accounts. We provide you with the best-in-class accounting software at no additional cost.

4) No Fines: It is risky to overlook the importance of proper compliance or face penalties. We assure your financial reports are well prepared and filed on time adhering to the legislation laws.

5) Save your valuable time: As a business owner, your time is better served marketing your products & service rather than entering accounting debits and credits. We manage your accounting so smoothly that you will think your accountant is sitting next to you.

6) Peace of mind: Your in-house accountant may not be qualified to provide you with the report as per your expectation.

7) Go High Tech: Now you don't need to buy expensive accounting software. We implement best-in-class accounting software and provide you with an instant snapshot of where your business is going and where it needs to go.

8) Peace of Mind :
Now you don't need to worry about regulatory compliance anymore. No More fines, We help you reduce costs, create better cash flow, and better position your company for growth.